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Cloud Storage

Our cloud video storage delivers secure, scalable solutions for your media. Easily upload, access, and share videos from anywhere, on any device. Our service ensures efficient management and quick access, offering ample space for all your video needs.


Our RAID 10 storage ensures top security and speed for your data. It combines mirroring and striping, providing robust protection and quick access. Ideal for safeguarding critical data, our solution offers reliable and efficient storage security.


Our 400Gbps servers provide ultra-fast streaming, ensuring instant access and high-quality video with minimal buffering, ideal for top-tier content delivery.

Sharing Videos

Sharing videos never was so easy, upload and share trough your own domain with your own ads. You're in control of everything with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer many methods to upload your videos: transfer, torrent, ftp, api, webui...

No, we do not remove inactive videos, in fact we do not have "inactive" policy

All popular ones: mkv, wmv, avi, mp4, mpeg4, mpegps, flv, 3gp, webm, mov, mpg, m4v

As per DMCA law, copyrighted videos should not be here, contact your manager for more informations

We do not restict bandwidth, you can have your video watched billion times without any issues, if you can

No, you can upload as many videos as you want. Just make sure you use them on your websites